Masculine & trendy style tips for the average joe

As a whole, men are less picky than women when it comes to what they choose to wear from day to day. Most men alternate the same shirts week in and week out because its quick, simple and those are their favorite shirts. Another reason may be that many modern men’s fashions have lost their masculinity. Therefore most average guys shy away from attempting any of the trendier looks. There are however many men’s styles that can be trendy while maintaining their masculine appeal.

Let me start by stating that I am not trying to change the male thought process when it comes to alternating shirts (Hats off to the woman willing to lead that revolution.) but I would like to give you some key pointers on how to easily make your wardrobe trendy yet masculine & sophisticated. You can accomplish this look by taking clothing you already own and adding a few key pieces that you never thought of incorporating into your wardrobe. A stylish vest, scarf or tie can dramatically change the look of an outfit.

The wool vest gives this outfit a stylish edge!
The wool vest gives this outfit a stylish edge!
Photo credit:JCrew

To create different stylish looks at the office, try alternating between white, gray or blue dress shirts during the week. Pair it with a classic tie one day and a light blazer the next. Wear that blazer over a polo shirt and you've got a weekend shirt that's good sophisticated enough to wear to work. Light V-neck sweaters are another trendy way to transform that boring work shirt.

On the weekends, pair short sleeved button down shirts with a soft tee layered underneath. Try to buy styles in a new color palette to add some variety. The soft tees will give the shirts a different look and feel while offering a wide range of options.

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