Finding the perfect pair of jeans

There are many different & attractive body types. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes & you don’t have to have a super model body to look great in a pair of jeans! The issue is finding your ideal fit. If you have short legs, long legs, wide hips, rare form to your thighs, issues with your belly, have a large derriere or a combination of these attributes, at some point in your life, you probably have struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans. Although it can be challenging to find that perfect fit, it’s not impossible.

Here are a few common jean dilemmas & the best jean fits for women with those attributes.

1. Maternity: If you want to get jeans that don’t have the typical “maternity look”. Try Paige Premium Robertson Maternity Jean. You get the same 10-pounds-thinner look of the original jeans except for the soft nylon mid-belly panel.

2. Long legs: Try a mid-rise jean which gives the illusion of more hip verses long leg. Gap Long & Lean is a very flattering jean. The upper thigh area is somewhat snug but not too tight with a flare below the knee. It adds the curve appeal so many long legged women crave.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and their jeans should reflect that.
Women come in all shapes and sizes and their jeans should reflect that.
Photo credit: splatt chatt

3. Short Legs: When looking for jeans to fit petites or women with short legs you need a wider leg and also higher waist in order to make your legs look longer. You will normally want to avoid skinny jeans. If you want a starting point I recommend NY& Company.

4. Curvy: Look for fitted jeans designed to sit lower in the front and higher in the back to enhance the shape of a naturally curvy body. Levi’s Supreme Curve are a great choice! They offer the advantage of being able to flaunt their bodies without the worry of showing too much skin when they sit down.

5. Hour glass: If you want to make your derriere appear smaller or just more proportioned buy jeans with medium size pockets. Jeans that have no back pockets, extra embellishments or designs will only draw more attention to your backside. You may also pick a pair that fits and feels more spacious and has a lower rise which will make your backside look smaller. The Gap Curvy Jeans are ideal for this body type.

6. Apple shaped: When it comes to narrow hips you want to buy straight legs and low rise. You can even try a skinny jean as the fact that it gets smaller at the bottom will give the illusion of a slightly wider hip. Levi’s offer a variety of jeans for your body type.

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