Choosing the right swimsuit this summer

Summer is the time of year where most women try to shed a few pounds & shed some clothing to hit the beaches. The secret to feeling confident in your swimsuit is choosing a style that suits your body shape. Whether you have a flabby stomach, wide hips, bigger thighs or large breasts, there is a swimsuit out there that is perfect for you!

A well-chosen swimsuit can make you appear thinner while accentuating your curves. Keep in mind that an unsuitable swimsuit style can do the opposite by drawing attention to the very problem areas you want to hide! The three key words you need to keep in mind are Color, Construction and Cut.

Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Big Stomachs: Try to choose colors and patterns that have a dark base. To draw attention away from your mid-section wear bold prints. They distract the eye and camouflage your stomach.

2. Large Derriere: Contrary to popular belief, Boy shorts will only make you “Backside” look larger. Choose a swimsuit with a high cut leg rather than a bottom half which sits lower on your behind.

There is a swimsuit for every figure.
There is a swimsuit for every figure.
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3. Wide Hips: To minimize your hips choose large floral patterns and prints. Also try drawing attention to away from your hips by wearing a swimsuit with detail along the bust line.

4. Small Hips: To make your hips look wider, wear horizontal stripes. Stripes tend to give a widening effect. To create a flattering and curvy effect, choose a cut-out swimsuit.

5. Large Bust: Choose V-neck or plunge neck styles. They lengthen your figure and decrease the ampleness of the bust, but still allow you to show off your cleavage. Halter necks with wide or double straps provide good support for your shoulders.

6. Small Busts: Ruffles & Fringe swimsuits are the trend this season and they will make you look bustier. Try wearing prints that follow the natural shape of your breasts. This will visually enhance your bust. A swimsuit with padding will give you extra cleavage and confidence.

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